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报告一:High dynamic range imaging

时 间:2012年7月27日,11:30-12:00

地 点:新主楼会议中心第一报告厅

报告二:Ghost free fusion of differently exposed images

时 间:2012年7月30日,9:30-11:00

地 点:老主楼121

报告三:Synchronization of chaotic systems via impulsive control

时 间2012年8月2日,9:30-11:00

地 点:老主楼121

报告人:李政国博士,新加坡资讯通信研究院(I2R)高级科学家。分别在1992 年、1995 年于东北大学分别获得理学学士和工学硕士学位,2001 年于新加坡南洋理工大学获得博士学位。曾发表了大约60 篇著名国际期刊论文(含IEEE Transactions 论文29 篇),150 篇顶级国际会议论文和1 部专著,获得5 项授权和5 项受理的国际专利。2003 年以来积极参与视频编码标准化工作,3 个专利已经成为视频编码的国际化标准。研究领域为自适应控制、鲁棒控制、开关控制、混沌保密通信、高动态范围图像、不确定系统的识别、视频编码、传输和图像处理等。学术荣誉和兼职包括担任IEEE 高级会员,并当选IEEE Visual Signal Processing and Communications (VSPC)的技术委员会委员;担任ICICE 2006,2007,CCDC 2008,2009 和 ICARCV 2008 等多个大型国际会议的技术程序委员会副主席,ICIEA 2011 国际会议主席,ICIEA2012 组委会顾问及最佳论文奖主席,应邀在IEEE Signal Processing Society Summer School on "3D and High Definition/High Contrast Video Processing Systems"举办专题报告,以及在SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 中担任Technical Briefs 分委会副主席。

Zhengguo Li received the B.Sci and M.Eng from Northeastern University, China in 1992 and 1995, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2001.
His research interests include high dynamic range imaging, video processing, QoS, hybrid systems, and chaotic secure communication. He has co-authored one monograph, more than 200 journal/conference papers and 5 granted patents. In 2002, he joined the MPEG and had since then involved in the development of H.264 and HEVC. He had three proposals adopted by the H.264. Currently, he is working at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.
Dr. Li serves as Invited Session Chair of ICARCV 2008, technical chair of IEEE ICIEA 2010, general chair of IEEE ICIEA 2011, Best Paper Award Chair of IEEE ICIEA 2012. He is an invited lecturer by the 2011 IEEE Signal Processing Summer School on “3D and High Definition/High Contrast Video Processing Systems” and Technical Brief Co-chair of SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

电话:010-82338050 传真:010-82328036
地址:北京海淀区学院路37号 邮编:100191 Email:fao@buaa.edu.cn